PHPCon East 2003
  PHPCon East 2003 - PHP Conference, New York City, April 23-25, 2003
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PHPCon East 2003
23-25 April 2003
Park Central Hotel
New York City
New York
PHPCon Session Speakers & Tutoral Instructors

Luke Welling

Luke Welling is a partner at Tangled Web Design in Melbourne Australia. He has been building PHP based solutions for more than 5 years. He is one of the Authors of PHP and MySQL Web Development (SAMS Publishing, 2001) and has taught PHP to thousands of students at RMIT University.

Laura Thomson

Laura Thomson is a partner at Tangled Web Design in Melbourne Australia. She has been building PHP based solutions for more than 5 years. She is one of the Authors of PHP and MySQL Web Development (SAMS Publishing, 2001) and has taught PHP to thousands of students at RMIT University.

Zeev Suraski

Zeev has been working for over five years on the PHP project. While working at the Web development department of Netvision, Israel's largest ISP, Zeev became acquainted with PHP/FI, and chose to use it in a Technion University Web project he was working on with fellow student Andi Gutmans. While working on the Web project, they stumbled over bugs and limitations in the PHP/FI 2.0 code. They decided to set aside their Web project (and their computer science studies) to redesign and rewrite the PHP language engine and some of the most popular PHP modules. Their efforts got the wheels turning for the creation of PHP 3.0. Zeev and Andi then went on to develop the Zend Engine -- the scripting language that powers PHP 4.0. They also designed other crucial PHP 4.0 components, such as a server abstraction layer and multi-threading support. Zeev is a graduate of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Jeremy Zawodny

Jeremy Zawodny is an engineer in Yahoo! Finance and Yahoo's local MySQL advocate. He's been active in the MySQL community for several years and is trying to complete "Advanced MySQL" for O'Reilly & Associates.

Dan Radigan

Dan Radigan is a Quality Assurance Lead at Macromedia. He lead the design of the PHP server technology in Dreamweaver MX. He spends most of his time coding in PHP using Dreamweaver. He's been using PHP since version 3.0 and spends about equal time between the Windows, Macintosh, and Linux builds of PHP.

Dan Cowgill

Bio pending.

J. Scott Johnson

J. Scott Johnson is the President of The FuzzyGroup, Inc., a diversified web-consulting firm. Prior to this he was Vice President of Engineering for Mascot Network, a leading vendor of vertical market Internet portal software. He also led Knowledge Management products for Dataware Technologies.

Shane Caraveo

Shane Caraveo is a Sr. Developer at ActiveState where he is the technical lead for PHP initiatives and is a member of the Komodo IDE team. He is a core PHP developer and is currently working on providing quality SOAP support in PHP.

John Coggeshall

John Coggeshall is a PHP consultant and author who started losing sleep over PHP around five years ago. Lately you'll find him losing sleep meeting deadlines for books or online columns on a wide range of PHP topics. You can find his work online at O'Reilly Networks and Zend Technologies. John has also contributed to WROX Press' Professional PHP4 Programming and is currently in progress writing PHP5 Unleashed by Sams Publishing. He can be reached at

Rasmus Lerdorf

Born in Godhavn/Qeqertarsuaq on Disco Island off the coast of Greenland in 1968. He has been dabbling with UNIX-based solutions since 1985. Known for having gotten the PHP project off the ground in 1995, the mod_info Apache module and he can be blamed for the ANSI92 SQL- defying LIMIT clause in mSQL 1.x which has now, at least conceptually, crept into both MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Christian Wenz

Christian Wenz is a Germany-based author and consultant with focus on ideology-free web development. He is writing for both national and international publishers and regularly speaks at conferences around the globe.

Michael Radwin

Michael J. Radwin is a software engineer at Yahoo! where he is the technical lead for the Apache server. Radwin has been instrumental in helping Yahoo! migrate from proprietary software to using Open Source technology, including PHP.

Zak Greant

Zak Greant is a happy member of the Open Source community where he spends most of his time in the MySQL and PHP projects. Despite being surround by hard-core Emacs addicts at MySQL, he still clings to Vim and brandishes '.' to keep them at bay.

Sterling Hughes

Bio pending.

George Schlossnagle

George Schlossnagle is a principal at OmniTI, where he focuses on building and maintaining scalable web and mail architectures. George is the author of a number of open source projects related to high performance horizontally scalable web infrastructures, including the APC caching extension and APD profiling extension for PHP and the mod_log_spread distributed logging module for Apache.

Andrei Zemiski

Bio pending.

Jim Winstead

Jim Winstead is the lead web developer at MySQL AB, as well as one of the core developers of PHP and a member of The Apache Software Foundation. He's been fine-tuning his technique for converting oxygen to carbon dioxide for nearly thirty years.

PHPCon East 2003

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