PHP Development

Generally, the PHP pages contain the HTML along with the embedded code that performs some output. The PHP code is always enclosed in the start and end processing instructions. These instructions allow jumping into and out of PHP mode. PHP is a client-side JavaScript where the code is executed on the server side and thus generating HTML and at last, it will be sent to the client. The client receives the results running the script and don’t have any idea about the underlying code. One can also configure about the web server to process the entire HTML files with the PHP. The greatest advantage in PHP is that it is extremely simple for a fresher and at the same time it offers many advanced features for a professional programmer. One can also start writing simple scripts after knowing the basics of PHP in just a few hours. The real fact is that the PHP development is focused on the server side scripting. On the other side of the flip CGI program can collect form data, generate dynamic page content, send and receive the cookies. PHP can do a lot comparing to the CGI.