Web Architecture


Web architecture is a general term used by the web designers and the developers as their main job is to design and develop a website. This concept is nothing but planning and design of technical and functional components of a website. It stands at the first stage before it is designed developed and deployed. This architecture is mainly used to create a logical layout of a website subjected to the business requirements. Here, different components and services are defined that creates a whole website. Major factors of website architecture are Technical constraints, Functional aspects, and Visual appearance and Security parameters. Server, storage, memory and the communication interfaces come under the Technical constraints. Types of services, processes provided by the websites come under the Functional aspects. The user interface, Colors, buttons and the other visual design elements come under the Visual appearance. Web Architecture mainly focuses on the foundation technologies and principles which includes the URIs and HTTP. Web Architecture principles mainly focus on the design technologies by providing the proper guidance. The identifiers such as URL, URI, IRI is one of the best ways to name the things on the web. Protocols are mainly meant to exchange the ideas and W3C is mainly functioning on the XML Protocols.