PHPCon East 2003
  PHPCon East 2003 - PHP Conference, New York City, April 23-25, 2003
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PHPCon East 2003
23-25 April 2003
Park Central Hotel
New York City
New York
Session & Tutorial Abstracts

PHP and MySQL Performance Tuning

Jeremy Zawodny

PHP and MySQL are the dynamic duo of Open Source tools for building dynamic and interactive web sites. But what happens when your site get slashdotted and suddenly needs to handle a few million visitors per day? Jeremy will discuss application design and optimization techiniques, MySQL server tuning tools, as well as some architectural issues.

Document Generation with PHP Using PDFlib

Luke Welling
Laura Thomson

Common printable document formats in use today include Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) and Microsoft Word (DOC or RTF). A dynamic HTML document is easily generated using PHP but for applications such as providing a paper form or generating legal documents, letters, or certificates HTML has important limitations. Generating RTFs and PDFs from PHP is more complicated than generating HTML, but can add significant value to a web site.


  • The strengths and weaknesses of using alternative document formats
  • Technical details of these formats
  • How to use PHP's string processing functions to integrate a template with a user's data to create a rich text format (RTF) document.
  • How to use a similar approach (but using regular expressions) to generate a Portable Document Format (PDF) document
  • How to use PHP's PDFlib functions to generate a PDF document
  • Comparison of approaches
Rapid Application Development with Dreamweaver MX

Dan Radigan

Have you ever wanted to build web applications quickly and efficiently, but not sure where to start? Are you just making the transitions into web application development using PHP? Welcome to Rapid Application Development with Dreamweaver MX. We'll focus in on how to build web apps more efficiently using both the design and code features of Dreamweaver MX. We'll touch on extending Dreamweaver with HTML, JavaScript, and XML to customize Dreamweaver to meet your needs.

PHP Subtleties

J. Scott Johnson

Abstract pending.

Introduction to SOAP for PHP

Shane Caraveo

Consume, Create, and Host Web services using PHP and PEAR SOAP. This tutorial will cover the basics of using the SOAP classes in PEAR ("PHP Extension and Application Repository") to consume and create Web Services. An introduction to SOAP and SOAP related technologies will be followed by coverage of the PEAR::SOAP and PHP-SOAP libraries.

Interfacing Java & COM with PHP

John Coggeshall

Although there isn't much PHP can't do these days, there is a lot of software out there that is in use written in other languages such as Java or COM. Fortunately, just because something was written in Java or COM doesn't mean you'll need a ASP server running to put it on the web. Learn how PHP can be used to seamlessly web-ize applications developed with these technologies, or give added power of PHP to offline applications.

Tips & Tricks

Rasmus Lerdorf

Abstract pending

PHP & Web Services: A Competitor to ASP.NET?

Christian Wenz

Microsoft's .NET strategy, revealed at the beginning of 2002, heavily relies on Web Services, so Web Services support in ASP.NET is really strong. PHP does not come with built-in functionality for easy Web Service access. Can PEAR close this gap, one year after the release of .NET?

One Year of PHP at Yahoo!

Michael Radwin, Yahoo!

Abstract Pending

MySQL in a Clamshell

Zak Greant, MySQL

Intro to XML with PHP4

Speaker to be named

Abstract Pending

The 7 Most Common PHP Mistakes

Sterling Hughes

Abstract Pending

Unit Testing PHP

George Schlossnagle

Abstract Pending

Smartey Template Engine

Andrei Zemiski

Abstract Pending

Hacking the PHP Source and Community

Jim Winstead

This talk will cover how to get involved in PHP development both at the coding and human levels -- how the source is structured, and how the community is structured.

By the end of the session, you'll not only know how to add new functionality to PHP through C code, but know how to share your code with your peers and get involved in the ongoing development of the PHP platform.

Tutorial: MySQL + PHP

Luke Welling
Laura Thomson

Abstract Pending

Tutorial: Building and Consuming Web Serices with SOAP

Shane Caraveo

Abstract Pending

Tutorial: Getting Started with PHP

J. Scott Johnson

Abstract Pending

Tutorial: Introduction to XML with PHP4

Chris Hubbard, PHP Book Author

Abstract Pending

Tutorial: MySQL & PHP for Carbon-based Lifeforms

Zak Greant, MySQL Community Advocate

Abstract Pending

Tutorial: High Performance PHP: Profiling and Benchmarking Techniques

George Schlossnagle, OmniTI

Abstract Pending.

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